Robin Williams Highlights the Battle with Depression

I was interviewed for a story with Fox2 about Robin Williams and his mental health struggles. "Robin Williams highlights the battle with depression."

Click above for fox2now interview

Click above for fox2now interview

From the article:

Onscreen he was the man who made everyone laugh, but in life, he battled depression and talked about dark roles bleeding into the real world.

‘I couldn’t take this around all the time,’ says Robin Williams describing his role in the movie One Hour Photo. ‘It’d be too intense.’

Intense was Williams’s forte. But Dr. Rachel Glik, a licensed counselor who helps those battling depression, says his loss is shared around the world.

‘We may not necessarily have known Robin Williams but what one loss can bring up a lot of other losses in one’s life,’ says Dr. Rachel Glik, a licensed therapist.

Glik says Williams’s death at age 63 can be used as a lesson of learning for others with personal struggles.

‘So for us that’s an opportunity to take a look at our lives,’ says Glik. ‘We all have something. We all have an inner demon. Where can we go to the next level with transforming that into something positive? Whatever it is that’s difficult in our life can become that stepping stone for what will become what our purpose is.’