Counselor Supervision

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in St. Louis with a doctorate in counseling  and masters degree in psychology. I have worked in private practice for over two decades with individuals, couples and teens, specializing in spirituality (all possibilities lay within us), marriage enrichment, counseling supervision, overcoming fears and finding your purpose. I have led short-term personal growth groups for counseling students, long-term mind/body healing groups, and workshops for teens as well as parents of teens. I have given seminars on a range of mental health and wellness topics including stress, forgiveness, listening, and self-esteem.

I was blessed to experience Dr. Rachel Glik as a counseling supervisor. Of course, during supervision issues came up that touched upon my own material as well. Dr. Glik’s exquisite and powerful presence was matched by her clinical and theoretical understanding. I always felt safe with her. I also felt that she was capable of tracking me and holding a container, no matter where my mind and emotions led us. Even now, many years later, I hear the open-hearted wisdom she shared with me in my own words. I will always be grateful to have found such an intellectually capable supervisor with an apparently inexhaustible capacity for compassion. I’ve referred many clients to Dr. Glik and they’ve all raved about her. She is a rare and precious soul.
— Kimberly Schneider, MEd, JD, LPC

In addition to considering myself a full-time student of ancient wisdom, I have training and expertise in meditation, forgiveness, guided imagery, writing/journal therapy, and supervision for counselors-in-training. I worked as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the UM-St. Louis Graduate Counseling Program for 6 years, teaching Theories of Counseling, Group Counseling, and Guided Practicum. I have published articles and a book chapter in the field of counseling/psychology. I also have poems and stories published in magazines and anthologies as well as two books of poetry: Where the River Runs Wild and Come With Me. Learn more


Those drawn to becoming a counselor have a unique DNA. It is my privilege and mission to hold the container for these special souls so they can flourish. I understand how exciting it is to feel the calling to be a counselor—I will never forget the vulnerability inherent in the process of inner change that is required to become skilled in this profession. How many other paths require your Self as the instrument, at this level?

In the training process, it’s hard to hide fears and self-doubts, our blocks and trust issues.  In fact, though we may try to keep our darker side concealed, our potential for giving true care to another soul begins the moment we let go and stop hiding. Of course, we need someone we can trust.

As a woman and professional counselor for over two decades, I am grateful to have found passion and purpose in the work I do. I love helping individuals and couples heal and break through to their next levels—and I feel especially drawn to the unique process of nurturing and supervising counselors in training.  Each supervision hour is a gem—a quantum opportunity for inspiration and growth. Sadly, most of us have a tremendously limited view of what we are capable of—our fears and self-intolerance form a shell around the authentic potential we innately possess to be a huge channel for peace and happiness.

What to Expect

Honestly, my standards are high. A human soul is a most precious Light.  Each person’s wholeness radiates the minute they walk through the door, because in truth he or she is already whole. Their essence within, for which I have the utmost respect, can never be permanently damaged—Never.  From this understanding, you can expect to learn Excellence in your care for clients and also expect the same from me in my connection with you. Blended with authentic encouragement, you can count on being challenged.  And the beauty is that when coming from a place of love, even the most painful truth should leave you feeling as if your soul has been hugged.

My goal as your Supervisor is three-fold:

  1. to expand your understanding of the different types of clients and couples, the challenges that keeps them up at night
  2.  to teach you how you can use your self, the relationship and the process of communication to enhance your clients’ awareness, healing and empowerment
  3. to help you remove blockages and tap directly into your higher truth and intuition—to take advantage of this abundant resource to guide the care for your clients, trust it and learn how to help your clients do the same.

What is Holistic Supervision?

To me, Holistic Supervision simply means that every aspect of the counseling and supervision process takes into consideration the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds. Our consciousness (i.e., thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes), feelings, physical bodies, words, actions and relationships are entwined in a circular way. For wholeness to occur, these aspects cannot be understood and treated as if on a line, but rather a circle. Real and lasting change can only come from an understanding of the universal laws of interconnectedness, and from the responsibility for our lives that can only be taken when realize the power we have.

You can expect to be treated and trained holistically, and I will do my best to help empower you to do the same for your clients.

To learn more you can reach out via my Contact page and we can go from there.