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Dr. Glik is a licensed professional counselor with a doctorate in counseling and masters in industrial/organizational psychology.  Known for her compassionate yet challenging approach, she has counseled individuals, couples and families in private practice for 25 years. Dr. Glik gets to the heart of what we deal with every day... and that is our relationship with ourselves and with each other. She passionately strives to empower her clients to connect to their truer self, which forms the foundation for the niche she has carved in strengthening relationships.

Dr. Glik places high priority on her spiritual practice and constant growth, and hopes to inspire everyone to find, focus on, and strengthen the gift inside each of their challenges, and within themselves. 

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In my experience, counseling works because constant growth works. Willingness to change is the best way to take control over your own happiness. Is it easy? No. Is it simple? Yes—once you begin to understand some basic universal principles, are willing to be honest with yourself and then take simple actions to transform. As a soul searcher myself, I can only help you risk and trust the process of change to the extent that I am personally willing to do so. I can say from experience that when you have a true desire to change and an open mind for new concepts about life, relationships, and yourself, results that feel miraculous can and will happen.