My Life Purpose ... is to help you find yours

It took a soul-searching type of event to thrust me into the field of counseling in 1990. Newly married and oblivious to the nuts and bolts of real love and commitment, my fantasy of a man fixing everything became shattered. "My greatest awakening,"  I say now. But oh, was it excruciating!

So I left—not my marriage thank God. But I left my business career and the old shell of who I thought I was and how it all worked. I dug into my marriage and into understanding myself (kudos to my patient husband). I ferociously searched for answers to what makes a person and marriage happy, beyond the Barbie and Ken. I found my new home in studying the human psyche, world views, and what it takes to be whole.  

I trained in Counseling Psychology, Marriage Counseling, Group and Career Counseling and anything else I could get my hands on until I earned my Doctorate in 1994 and became licensed as a Professional Counselor.

I found my purpose and work I loved—as a therapist in St. Louis and adjunct professor training counseling grad students. I loved the people, the couples—and hey, even the teens—all the souls who trusted me and overcame so much and found relief from their pain.  

But a gentle voice kept tapping at my soul—we must be in this world to reach a level of happiness beyond relief from pain, beyond soothing one’s own life.  

Most traditional approaches of psychotherapy focus on moving from agony to neutral and not as much on rising up the scale—to the joyous, abundant reality where talents are nourished and one’s purpose and fulfillment are realized. This is the level for which I could not stop striving—for myself and the Light I could see inside the eyes of every client.

Paradigms with bigger thinking about our human potential—going beyond logic—were my only hope. I realized then that I was actually on a spiritual path and that most of us—who are turning inward, who ask the tough questions and who ultimately realize all possibilities lay within—are also on this path. In the mid 90s, while building my private practice and getting my bearings as a new mother (of a now college student and high schooler!), I furthered my studies—a post doc, if you will—in the power of the mind-body connection, mindfulness, energy, quantum physics, positive psychology.  And writing poetry. All of these strengthened my aliveness and happiness from within and my ability to help others do the same.

Nothing has been more influential to the quality of my life, and the work that I do, more than discovering the deeper secrets of the universe through the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. The striking  explanation of how the universe works and system for achieving happiness resonates with my inner being. This wisdom teaches that it’s not what we do, but how we do it—our consciousness—that determines the blessings we receive. We have a lot more control than we think. Astonished by its power in every area of my life,  I couldn’t help but integrate these principles into my work with clients. The practical benefits are staggering—no, I would say, miraculous.

I now know with certainty that constant growth works and personal fulfillment is a choice—once you understand the system and are willing to do what it takes to first discover, and then manifest, your truest desires.

If you want to get started, it would be my privilege.