One-on-One Counseling

When I first considered going to therapy I couldn’t even make the phone call without crying, I felt so extremely lost and confused. With Dr. Glik I was able to explore who I was and why I was going through the challenges I was facing ... I started to understand that I’m truly not alone in my pain and struggles. Seeing that the universe has a plan and puts challenges here to help us become better people and souls. I now can see and understand that it’s up to me to face these struggles, talk about them, be completely open and honest with myself and my needs. Having a safe space to discuss my fears and explore how I can bring more light into my life and my soul has truly changed my life.
— R

When people ask me (which they often do) "What is your specialty?"—I can honestly say it's whatever keeps my clients up at night. How I see it, a specialty can only come from one thing: experience. Mine and yours.

Counseling face to face, soul to soul, for over two decades—coupled with my own struggles and triumphs—has given me the gift of experience—not only to help you find relief, but to overcome and transform your challenges, no matter how overwhelming they may feel.

Dr. Glik's goal is to reach as many people as possible to help awaken their unlimited potential to receive all the good that life has to offer. 

Those her seek her guidance are struggling with one or more of these issues — and see nothing shy of miracles through the process:

  • relationship problems
  • anxiety, worry and fear
  • depression
  • crisis
  • stress and overwhelm
  • women's issues
  • finding life's purposes
  • self doubt and guilt
  • anger
  • spiritual emptiness
  • grievances about parents & family
  • confusion
  • grief
  • childhood trauma
  • career issues
  • addictions of all kinds
  • loneliness
  • invasive thoughts

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