Family Business Consulting

Dr. Rachel Glik is a licensed professional counselor with a Doctorate in Counseling and Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  Known for her compassionate yet challenging approach, she has counseled individuals, couples and families in private practice for 24 years, and has facilitated short & long term groups. Before opening her private practice, Dr. Glik worked at Maritz, Inc. as a Human Resources Analyst and at UM-St. Louis Business School, teaching Organizational Behavior and Statistics. She also worked as an Associate Adjunct Professor in the graduate counseling program teaching Theories of Counseling, Group Counseling, and Guided Practicum; and continues to supervise counselors in training. She has published articles and a book chapter in the fields of Counseling and Psychology. Rachel has appeared monthly on the Fox2am show since 2015 and writes blogs that anchors use for her TV interviews. Dr. Glik has facilitated countless workshops with teens, couples and adults. (See attached list of seminar and blog topics.) 

Blending her family counseling and organizational psychology backgrounds, of special interest to Dr. Glik is family business consulting (along with repairing family estrangement).  Over the decades, much of Dr. Glik’s practice has grown into executives and business owners who present with family related issues, particularly complicated by family business and in laws. Furthermore, raised in a now 3-generation family business setting, and married for 31 years to a CEO in a family business now preparing for G5, Dr. Glik has a keen sensitivity to and passion for the joys and challenges of this unique, delicate dynamic. As her husband likes to call her, she is his behind the scenes key advisor, offering strategic tips for creating structures and greater unity, with a special eye towards the savvy diplomacy needed to minimize the embroilments of hot buttons and personality differences-- among both active and inactive members.  While some of the dynamics in the aging 4th generation still require careful attention, recent discussions now emphasize preparing the soon to enter 5th generation.