The Process of Change

How would you like to get clear about who you are and how to find your own happiness? 

Don’t misjudge the pain or confusion you might be in right now. These are usually transitional emotions, serving as the necessary shell, through which you must break through to reach a better life in some way.  Paradoxically, we actually need a challenge, a test, in order to reach a new level of true happiness.  Make no mistake, whatever it is you are going through, you have the power within you to extract from it what you will someday see as a pure gift. I didn't make up these universal laws, but I am surely grateful to understand how they work. It's like having a life GPS. When in the midst of turmoil and emotional pain, that's when it's the hardest to see our blessings in disguise, to trust there is goodness to be revealed. A truth onto which I hold near and dear, during difficult times especially, is:

Disappointments are the Universe’s way of saying, ‘I’ve got something better in mind.’
— Y. Berg

Constant and self-initiated growth is the best and only way to take control over our own happiness.  I won't lie — it's hard work. Sometimes results come quickly and other times the blessings take longer. But you can trust that when you begin to understand the basic universal wisdom and the power you have within yourself to create the life you desire most—changes that feel miraculous can and will happen. 

One of my favorite teachings is on certainty and the power of the mind. We cannot change our lives or find our true purpose without first knowing we can, and trusting the good that exists within every challenge, even loss. To reach this level of certainty, we all need an escort—a guide who helps us see the bigger picture, who knows the unlimited potential we can achieve and how to help us get there. 

I count my blessings for the privilege of being that escort for those who open themselves and entrust me to listen to desires of their soul. 

My wish for this website and this small glimpse of who I am is that it gives you hope—that you can do this, that there are a better way and someone who can offer you a warm, sturdy hand in the process of finding yourself. It's the unconditional love in our relationship that will be key to healing and claiming your power. I may not be wired for accounting or engineering, law or medicine, but I say with humility that I have been given an intuitive knack for understanding people and helping them heal, break through their fears and find their truth.  No matter what has brought you to read this, as a counselor and soul searcher myself,  I can honestly tell you that the process of change works and that you do have the strength to overcome your pain and fill your emptiness. 

Simple actions are all you need to take and the loving force of the universe will do the rest.  If you are ready to take the next step, I would be honored to work with you.