Lego My Ego

“I really admire the success you have created,” I said to a dear friend who took me in for the weekend. 

“It’s not me,” she clarified. “Though I used to think so. When it comes to the success I have now, you sound impressed, but I literally had to lose it all to realize it’s really not me.  Knowing this, and with the intention to truly give to my clients, I have planted a completely new seed.  And now what's coming to me, these new accounts from way out in left field, make absolutely no sense.  I know, it's definitely not me.”

Her wise words hit me like smelling salts, reminding me that fear is not an option and those “what about me” voices are the fastest way to cut myself off from all that is abundant and good.  

You see, I had been up late working last night,  like a gerbil round its wheel – that ole’ fearful voice tried to close my heart and give me 'purpose amnesia.'  As the night grew darker, I could feel the small and selfish agenda taking hold – propelling me to prove that  I am worthwhile,  I have power, I can accomplish.  

The spiritual path, any path that strives to make us better and more loving, can fly right out the window when we forget the abundant Source that runs through our being like a freshwater spring. I can be very dangerous. We need to live like guards to the Queen, vigilantly looking for any traces of this limited ego thinking. Confidence is one thing, but we need to be very careful to where or who we attribute our gifts and success, and the purpose behind everything we set out to do or say.

The truth is that we can only plant seeds. And only if we are able to remove the I, can we make room for the endless force of giving that makes all things grow--in miraculous ways that make no sense, whatsoever. We must plant and plant. But the actual one to make things manifest, always remember, “It’s not me.”

So go and plant something today with this kind of clarity. I can't wait to hear your miracle stories, that make no sense at all.